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    Napoleon Grills

    “Their approach to content creation has allowed our digital marketing team to connect with our target audience in a unique and refreshing way.”

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A large, loyal and highly engaged community

Using quality analytics data we constantly refine the content of BRANDMADE.TV across all platforms.

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YouTube GROWTH is 100% organic

Every second of every view represents a genuine person, engaged and entertained by the content. Computer bots, ‘like’ farms, or ad-driven boosted posts have never been used to pad numbers.

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Every Product Has An Amazing Story


From concept to creation – from the factory floor to your front door. BRANDMADE.TV is a social media based TV network showcasing world famous brands and products. Professionally produced documentaries reveal the fascinating true story of how it’s made, why it’s made, and who makes it. Served to a large, loyal, and growing audience on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter BRANDMADE.TV is branded content that turns viewers into buyers.


Top Crews – Premium Production

Award Winning Quality

After meticulously researching a product’s history and production path, a professional film crew from award-winning Castlewood Productions will spend time at a client’s manufacturing facility acquiring visual elements, interviews and information needed to complete the video segments. Once edited, the finished videos will then be broadcast across all the BRANDMADE.TV social media platforms and provided to the clients for its own promotional and marketing use.

Tell your brand's amazing story to a whole new audience